The President of the General Assembly (PGA) has been organizing informal dialogues between UN Member States and UN Secretary-General candidates since April 2016. In addition, a Global Townhall with all candidates for UN Secretary-General will take place on 12 July in the UN General Assembly Hall from 6:30-9:00pm NY time. It will be broadcast live across the world by Al Jazeera media network, made available free to all broadcast media and simultaneously streamed live on UN-WebTV.

The Office of the PGA has requested UN-NGLS to facilitate a process for the global public to provide questions that can be asked to candidates during these dialogues






UN-NGLS facilitates a civil society Committee to short-list 30 questions for each dialogue from among those received to submit to the PGA. The Office of the PGA has so far chosen 33 of the short-listed questions to be asked of the candidates via video during the dialogues and the 12 July Global Townhall.

The first round of dialogues was held on 12-14 April with 9 candidates. The second round of dialogues was held on 7 June with 2 additional candidates. View the videos of civil society asking each candidate questions, and the candidates' responses here.

The President of the General Assembly has also asked all candidates to answer a set of 10 questions from civil society submitted through this process. These 10 questions and the candidate answers received so far are available here.